Monday, July 4, 2011

11 months old

Ralf, Fred and Sten turn 11 months old today. Those lovely benches with names are the birthday gift from grandpa and grandma.
We are staying in Muhu island right now, for 2 weeks. The first week has been absolutely beautiful - only warm and sunny days. Boys have enjoyed playing with water. We even managed to go to the seaside:
But as it was too much of organizing (needs 3 adults), then mostly the boys enjoy their little pool in the garden, where they three fit very well. They splash so much, that besides them being all wet, it's usually me who is wet, too, in the end!

Fred is like a fish in the pool. He has no fear and almost swims, moving very fast in the water. Ralf and Sten like to sit and make splashes with their hands. Every day, they go to the pool at least twice. They can't imagine their life without the pool anymore! Luckily my friend Eda managed to buy a similar pool to our garden in Tallinn, so we can have similar fun also when we are back at home.

Every day, I pick wild strawberries for the boys. Sten and Fred absolutely love to eat them. Ralf is sceptical, as about every new food. So he prefers to taste one or two, but never more.
Ralf and Fred are now on their feet. How much fun this is for them! Putting them to bed is such a big task... they stand and jump in bed as long as they are out of energy... which usually lasts for at least an hour, especially Fred... sometimes I feel like he never gets tired!
The current situation with teeth: Fred - 2, Ralf - 2, Sten - 0. :)


Anonymous said...

Palju õnne!
Nii lahedad basseinipildid. Lapsed peavadki selliste kuumade ilmadega veehullud olema.
Hambad tulevad teil pikka mööda - neil praegu aktiivne püsti ajamise/käima hakkamise aeg, eks pärast selle oskuse omandamist tulevad hambad lups ja lups :)
Kaunist jätkuvat puhkust!

Maarja said...

Palju õnne! Kuu veel ja uskumatus kauguses olev aasta ongi täis.
Ma mõtlesin ka, et teil hambaid rohkem, aga eks nad tulevadki kõigil lastel nii erinevalt.