Sunday, March 27, 2011

Playing is fun, sickness is not...

When our boys are healthy, then they are happy and every new toy is exciting. They love to play. They love to put everything in their mouth. They love to smile when a mom does something funny. They love to laugh when someone lifts them very high up. They are full of life, full of joy and our house is loud, in a good way.

When our boys are sick, then their mood is bad. No toys are interesting for them. They watch with their sad eyes and my heart gets worried. I know they feel bad, but I can't make it away... until they fight themselves to go the sickness away. They cry and our house is loud, in a sad way.

This week, both have happened. In the start of the week, the boys were sick. One day, in the morning, I found Ralf had temperature, 38 C, and he was very dizzy. After an hour, Sten and Fred were exactly the same - with temperature, sick, dizzy. Luckily it lasted only for a few days and the temperature didn't get very high (only up to 38.6 C), but I was home alone for 2 long days from morning till night, with 3 SICK babies, and it was exhausting. One point, I was just crying together with the crying boys. I felt my power is finished. But of course I had no choice than gather myself together and go on. Noone would do that for me, right? And from that moment, it got better for the boys, too. We don't know what was wrong with them, but it was definitely a virus, and they developed red spots, too. Kert had something similar. German measles (punetised)? Probably. These photos are taken before and after the boys' sickness. You see - normally, they are very happy and laughing!

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Eda said...

Kahju kuulda:( Aga tore, et poisid ruttu terveks said:) /Sinu kirjelduse järgi pakuksin, et neil oli kolmepäevapalavik (mu lastel olnud tavaliselt ka 8-kuu paiku). Nagu nimigi ütleb, on mõned päevad palavik ja pärast seda tekib punane lööve, mis varsti kaob. Haigus ei ole midagi hullu, hullu võib olla ainult siis, kui palavik väga kõrgeks läheb ja mõned lapsed ei talu kõrget palavikku nii hästi./
Jõudu teile ning päikest:)