Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sometimes, it's easy with 3 babies and sometimes it's not. As simple as that.

On Sunday, we were visited by Erik's relatives Andra and Ülle (daughter and mom; Ülle is actually my mom's class-mate in primary school). The boys had just woken up from their day-nap and were super-good. Andra said after an half an hour, that "it doesn't seem difficult to take care of 3 babies at all". After having such a success with Andra and Ülle, I decided to invite our neighbour boy Glen (1 year and 2 months old) with his mom Aune here. They came yesterday morning. At first, the boys were good. I took boys downstairs and we played and Glen walked and run around, everything was new and interesting for him. It was a new situation for boys, too - another small child in their home.

After an hour, it was boys' eating-time. I thought that it would be nice to try to feed them downstairs (which I haven't done before). But this was a big mistake. The boys were OK to handle one new thing -another small child -; but weren't ready to handle two new things - besides the small child, also to eat downstairs, in another environment than they usually do. Fred took a sip of his milk and then, he stopped and started to scream. Very loud. It scared Sten and he started to scream as well. Ralf was the only one who didn't bother to eat downstairs. I couldn't calm Fred and Sten down, especially as I cannot hold two babies. My third eye was watching Ralf - if he is still eating or already refused; but I wouldn't have a hand to help him anyway. I took screaming Fred upstairs hoping he'll calm down when he sees his normal eating place. Aune took Sten upstairs, who suddenly seemed not hungry at all. Then we had Glen upstairs, exploring everything. But Ralf was still downstairs... I didn't really handle the situation anymore - how to take Ralf upstairs when Fred is still screaming, not refusing to go away from my lap, and Sten not in his best mood either. Finally Aune said she'd get Ralf while I observe what mischief Glen is up to. Fred was still crying. He refused to eat, although he was totally hungry. All limits were exceeded for him. Ralf arrived upstairs, luckily agreed to eat his milk till the end. But then he was so sleepy that wanted to go to his day-nap. Sten hadn't even started his milk and seemed not hungry. Fred refused continously to eat. What to do? Yes, the time plan was upside down.

When Glen and Aune went to another room, Fred finally started to eat. At the same time, I quickly put Ralf, who was half-asleep on his clothes and ready to go outside to sleep. He agreed to wait all dressed up, in his cocoon. When Fred finished, I did the same with him. I ran with the two cocoons downstairs, out to the garden and then through the snow, to the garden-house (I think each of the cocoons weigh 10 kilos now) and put them to their pram. Sten was waiting me upstairs, I knew I had to deal with him while others are asleep, and I hoped he isn't crying while I'm away, with 2 other boys.

When finally I had fed Sten as well and put him to his day-nap, too, then I came inside and just sat down to the sofa. I had no energy anymore. And I had planned so much duties for myself during the boys' day-nap! But I did nothing. I turned on TV and just watched it. It was skiing, young boys, and I didn't know any names. But it didn't matter - I just had to relax.

So - sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not. As simple as that.

Andra and Ülle:
Glen with the boys:

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*m* said...

You are fabulous karin.
I admire you more and more:P
All the best for all of you