Friday, February 4, 2011

6 months old

Half a year has passed since our family got a large extension: the triplets are 6 months old!

This post is all about saying "THANK YOU".
First, I want to thank my boys: 1 big and 3 small boys. They have made my life, so far - and surely in the future, too - worth living with great joy. Together with them, I grow every day. I thank Kert for being such an understanding son, for being a wonderful big-brother and for being so proud of our baby-boys Ralf, Fred and Sten.
Second, I want to thank Erik... for puting up with all the crazy days, what we have had over the 6 months. For leting me sleep on some mornings, when I just don't find energy to go on anymore; for leting me to go out from time to time to fresh my mind and for helping me enormously...
For the physical help, I need to thank also boys' grandmas Anne and Piia, especially for the night-shifts, and for our night-nanny Inger as well as my friend Marju. During the 6 months, Marju has come once a week to give a helpful hand for me. I'm sure she would come for more weeks, if there wasn't a tiny-little-problem - she'll give birth to her own baby-boy just any days now...
For the material help, I need to thank, the most, Helen - aunt of the boys - who has organized so many useful baby-stuff for us; Aune - our dear neighbour - doing the same thing (especially helping with all cute baby-clothes!), my brother and Taimi (for giving all Lisanne's baby-stuff for us) and boys' grandpa Toomas (without the family-van, it would have been impossible to get out of home with the boys).
There are number of other people to thank for - for example Kristi (ironing our clothes!), Kristi's mom, my friends Eda, Cindy, Svana (for knitting) , my father (cooking!), the triplets-mom Maris (for moral-help), the twin-mom Hanna (for sharing experiences) and many many more...
Thank you for supporting us! :)
4 brothers, 2 weeks ago:
My friend Marju with Ralf a couple of weeks ago:
Grandma Anne feeding Sten and Fred during last weekend:
Grandma Piia when Sten was still very small...:
Our night-nanny Inger, when we were still in the hospital:

My brother, Lisanne and the boys (in the hospital, boys are 10 days old):


Eda said...

Palju õnne! Aeg läheb kiiresti, eks ole? Vähemalt tagantjärele vaadates;)

Karin said...

Aitäh, Eda! Jah, kui tagasi vaadata, siis on aeg tõesti kiirelt läinud! Aga igapäevaselt vahel on jaks ikka natuke otsas ka, mis seal salata! Eks tead isegi seda väikeste lastega elu - töö 24H!