Friday, January 14, 2011

Current situation

I hope, that next time, I can write the sentence "Getting better...". Today, I cannot write it, yet. The situation is the hardest with the boys right now. It's the 5th day and with Fred, it was the last hardest day, but with Ralf and Sten, it seems that the difficult days are just starting... They were with relatively good mood until yesterday - until there were still fewer spots than Fred had. But today night, the situation changed - both Ralf and Sten got so many new spots and the previous ones are big and ugly and aching, so they really seem to suffer more than Fred did... he recovered quicker. Sten is in the worst situation now. It's strange - he started with 6 spots only, the next day 30 spots and now, he has as much as Fred had - I think 1000 spots is not exaggeration at all. And he is so sad about it, I know... it all aches and itches! Ralf, I want to believe, has the last hard day today and tomorrow, he'll feel a bit better.
So, right now, we do not cope without help at all anymore. Since today night, we need 3 people to take care for the boys - 1 person per boy... because Fred, who is now healthy, needs attention and care, too, and someone has to prepare the milk, wash the clothes (oh, how many green clothes we are having right now!) and do all other work around the house.
So we have a shedule now:
Yesterday, my friend Marju helped me. Kert was home early and he was helping me, too. Today night, my mom came to help us. Erik took a free day from work, too, to stay at home today. My mom stays until our night-nanny Inger comes. She stays the next night. And waits until Erik's mom comes... she stays for Saturday and the following night. And waits until my mom comes again... Hard - but no other way: we have to cope!
For last 2 days, I've been seriously thinking of giving up pumping the breast-milk. It's already too frustrating and stressing for me, because I cannot find time for it anymore... and during the nights, it's especially hard, because it steals all those precious minutes when instead, I could sleep (yes, right now we count our sleeping in minutes, not in hours anymore). I do it only... because I feel sorry for the boys so much. And maybe the breast-milk will help them to recover quicker.
I had no idea that chicken-pox can be so difficult for small babies! Please, please, please... make this night-mare to be over within the current week!


Maris said...

Ma olen lihtsalt sõnatu... Teen Sulle lihtsalt suure kalli ja olen mõtetes kogu teie perega. Usun, et siin jääb mu kujutlusvõimest väheks, et kogu seda rasket olukorda ette kujutada (kuigi mind kui kah kolmikuteemmet ei üllata ega hirmuta enam õigupoolest miski- aga see tundub küll üle mõistuse olevat...). Varsti on see möödanik, kulla Karin, palun pea vastu!!!

Eda said...

Ohh, kui kahju:( Sten näib nende roheliste täppidega seal teki sees nii õnnetu välja:( Kui oleksin lähemal, saaksin otsida poistele mingit homöopaatilist tera, mis vähendaks sügelust ja leevendaks olukorda. Tallinnas on muidu palju häid homöopaate, võin Sind juhtida mõneni, kui soovid.

Seniks aga jõudu ja hoian pöidlaid, et poisid saaksid ruttu terveks! Kallid!

*m* said...

It must be so hard for you all.
I can only send you my best wishes and a BIG WARM VIRTUAL HUG!
I had chiken pox when I was about 15 and my face was... I can't even describe it! I thought I would never recover and that my skin would never be smooth again...
those were hard, hard night for me to sleep...
so I imagine what your adorable boys are feeling, you just keep doing your best.
you're a SUPER MOM to me!!
I'm sure I'm not alone on this thought!:)

lots of love

Kata said...

Suured kallid ja kiiret paranemist teile! Jõudu ja jaksu Sulle praegusel hetkel! Haigused mööduvad ja siis jälle kergem.

Kata said...
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Martinas Welt said...

Oh poor Karin,
I can rally feeel your hopelessness through the lines. I am so sorry both boys have them now as well and it seems it gets worse than better...oh my! I wish you strengh and that they will become healthy babies as soon as possible!!!

wombles said...

karin, I'm so sorry the boys are so sick with Chicken pox. Hope they get better soon and you can all get some sleep.

Maarja said...

Ikka supper vaprad ja tublid olete!