Monday, January 17, 2011

Boys vs Chickenpox - 3:0

Finally, my boys have beaten the chicken-pox! Yes, all of them are recovering well and my "old" boys are back:
Smily Ralf is back.
Sporty Fred is back.
Cuty Sten is back.

I'm relieved! Of course it takes time before the spots are gone, but they are healing and the boys mood is back to normal, or almost normal. And clearly it takes time to get our normal routine back, too, - so for some more days and nights, I have to bear with more whining and grumpiness and mood swings, but this is a piece of cake next to chicken-pox fight!
What is our normal daily routine?
Let me tell you:
The boys wake up usually around 8.30...9.00. This is great, because I'm a late-sleeper and do not fancy an idea for the boys getting up in the middle of the night like some kids do!
Then, they usually play on their own - either in their beds or I take them to our large bed and they are playing and talking to me, while I am still in bed half-asleep.
Around 10.00 we have the breakfast. The boys usually get formula then - each of them eat 120 mL. Then I take boys either to the sitter or under playing arch and we all play until 11.00 or a bit more. By that time, boys are getting grumpy and it shows that they need a small morning nap. Sometimes, they all fall asleep on the same time (which gives me a chance to get a breakfast myself, too), but often they sleep in a little different times and my hands are occupied all the time. I also need to find time to pump the milk for them.
Lunch for the boys is at 12.30. All of them eat 130 mL breastmilk then and usually, it takes quite a time, because they play with the bottle, they try to talk to me while eating and so on... But finally, the bottles are finished and we start to prepare for the long day-sleep.
Usually, after geting all the boys to their clothes, cocoons and out to the pram, it's around 13.30. They fall asleep very well outside, so I don't need to swing the pram for a long time. I go back to the house then and first, sit down for 5 minutes to rest. I just do nothing, stare in front of me and gain the energy to start with... cleaning the boys' room, sorting clothes which need to be washed, feeding the dogs, pumping the milk and if lucky, finding time also to eat something and maybe... (but not every day) go to the shower. :)
The boys usually sleep for 3 hours. I wake them up around 16.30, but usually some of them is making noise around this time, too, so it shows that it's the time to go and take them inside again. They are having their milk again, around 130 mL. After sleep, they are in good mood and can play alone for a while, which gives me a chance to read my e-mails or do something else, like paying bills or whatever is urgent. Soon they want to me to be playing with them, so it's only a few free minutes.
They usually sleep their small evening nap, for 15-20 minutes, at 18.30 and after that, they eat again, around 19.00. The last two hours are quite difficult - the boys are tired of the long day and I am tired, too... We just try to pass it by, sometimes with better moods, sometimes with a bit grumpy moods... but finally 21.00 comes and I prepare the boys for the night sleep - we put night goans on and I give boys the breast milk to eat. Often, they eat more than 130 mL. Fred and Ralf can eat even up to 200 mL. By 22.00, ideally, the boys are in their beds sleeping. Of course it doesn't happen so every day... someone is craying, someone has lost the dummy, someone doesn't fall asleep and so on. But by 23.00 we usually have the quietness at home and after I've pumped the milk, I go to bed, too.
In the night, ideally, the boys eat twice. I always wake up Erik, too, because it's easier with 2 people and it gives me a chance to go to the other room for milk-pumping and get "my own time". Yes, in the middle of the night, I'm having my own time, twice for 30 minutes, to read a book, a magazine, a newspaper...
And, then the new morning comes and we start our routine again.
Doesn't sound too bad, does it? Well, if someone wants to try it, you are welcome! :) I'd gladly go on a holiday for a few days! :)


Eda said...

Rõõmustav uudis:) Ja hea on ju see, et tuulerõuged neid tulevikus enam ei kimbuta:)

Karin said...

Jah, loodetavasti ei kordu see jama enam uuesti! :)

*m* said...

that sounds perfect and it only prooves I was right:
You ARE a Super-MOM!!!

lots of love to you all

Karin said...

Marta - if you were in my shoes, you would manage just as well, or even better!!!