Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 months old

5 months have flied since I gave birth to my three beautiful baby boys. It has been an amazing journey to grow together with them - to grow as a mother and as a human being (read: to grow more patient, more peaceful, less-restless in my soul and less-worried) and to experience again, that nothing - absolutely nothing - is comparable against the love to your child.

With these 5 long (feels quite short, actually!) months I have realized, that:
1. I've learnt to love the routine - nothing works better in your daily-life with triplets
2. I can delegate some boring house-jobs to the others, which I never did before
3. I can actually wake up early with a good mood ready to take care for my boys (waking up early has always been my weak side)
4. It takes so little to feel happy... - a smile from any of my boys can make me forget all the difficult and tiresome days
5. I can never stop thinking about my boys, wherever I am...
It has taken 5 months to find out those 5 things.
Happy 5-months-birthday, my darlings!

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