Friday, October 8, 2010

Summer in my garden - hydrangeas

Summer is officially over already for some weeks, but I'd like to look back and post some photos about my favourite Autumn bloomers - the beautiful hydrangeas. In fact, I can still enjoy their blossoms - not so fresh anymore, but they are still there. I have two types of hydrangeas - Smooth Hydrangea (puishortensia), which "dies out" for winter and acts here as a herb plant, and Panicled Hydrangea (aedhortensia), which is more like a tree. Among Smooth Hydrangeas, I have the sort called "Grandiflora" (got from Erik's mom) and among Panicled Hydrangeas, I have "Pinky Winky", "Pink Delight" and "Limelight".

Pinky Winky:


Pink Delight:


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