Monday, October 4, 2010

2 months old

Time flies!
Today, our boys turned 2 months old. The boys are wearing birthday clothes today - a gift from Marta from Portugal (THANK YOU!) and they look so cute with those colourful shiny outfits. It suits perfect with the beautiful sunny autumn day!

I think it's time to tell you a little about our boys' characters. They are indeed 3 very different personalities.

First, lets meet RALF. The baby no 1. He definitely is the Leader. Our life goes how Ralf dictates it. When he gets hungry in the night, then all boys eat. When he gets unpatient to go to the bath, then we start with the bath. He has no patience at all and has to be the first all in everything. He uses his voice very often and normally cries just to get attention. He's also a mommy's boy - he likes to be in my lap as much as possible.
Second, lets meet FRED. The baby no 2. He is a serious guy. He likes to think a lot. He is much calmer than Ralf and can really wait for his milk easily, he doesn't mind to be the last in the things we do. He cries when he really needs to, and then his cry is to get help - it's much sadder cry than Ralf's voice to get attention. We think he'll be a Professor! :)Third, lets meet STEN. The baby no 3. He is our tricky boy. He likes to observe the world and is awake the most. When possible, he watches around with his curious look blinking his big eyes and winning everyone's heart... He is very moving and quick, and seems to be unpatient, but actually he isn't. He can wait just as Fred. He cries very seldom, normally only when he is very hungry. We call him our "cuty guy".

Lets see if they change their personalities when they grow older. It's very interesting to observe them, although I wish I had more individual time with each of them...


hipigrrrl said...

Palju õnne teile kõigile!
Minu vaatluse järgi tundub Ralf olevat Kerdi koopia (kuigi ma ei ole Kerdi titepilte näinud;)) ja Sten meenutab Erikut. Aga Fredist ei saa sotti, ju siis on midagi nii Sinust kui Erikust:) Vahvad poisid:D

Karin said...

Aitäh, Eda! :) Ralf meenutab tõesti kohati väga Kerti beebina (ta ongi meil ju venna "poja", ning ka nimi on Kerdi pakutud), aga teiste osas ise ei oska veel seisukohta võtta!

*m* said...

I must admit, I love to see them wearing the suits I offered!

they're so adorable!
lots of love