Friday, October 9, 2009

How to store firewood?

As you can see, we are preparing for winter. It is one of those years, when we have ordered a lot of firewood directly from the forest (together with our neighbour) and try to invent the ways how to store them... Since we have much left from previous years in our woodshed, then we had to think where to put them - and just yesterday, Erik finished "the firewood tower" inspired by the similar ones (but much bigger) seen in Kuremäe Monastery (see a picture - )
It takes time to make this tower, but the result is much better than everything else what you can do with firewood...
Photo: The tower is still in the middle.

Photo: Picture taken today morning - the tower is finished.

Photo: Our new firewood tower

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*m* said...

wow! this is amazing!;)
problem solved!