Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, my niece!

Lisanne - my first niece - had her 1st birthday today. She is the most goregous little girl! It has been so lovely to watch her growing from new-born to a little girl throughout this year. I still remember so well when she was born and I saw her for the first time... she was such a cute baby-girl with long legs, and she is just as pretty right now, too...
Even when she doesn't walk, yet, she is improving a lot in this matter day by day and I'm quite sure that it's only a few weeks till she is running away from all of us.
We have been to her birthday party today, where all her relatives were present. And already this week, she'll go on her first holiday trip - to Crete. I hope she enjoys it!

Photo: Lisanne and her birthday cake to celebrate the 1st birthday

Photo: Lisanne with her cake

Photo: Lisanne sitting in her eating chair with the present bag we gave for her

Photo: My self-made card for Lisanne

Photo: Some presents Lisanne had for her birthday. We gave the pink Hello Kitty dress,another dress (the first one in right), and some pair of trousers.

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Mark said...

She is a little angel, congratulations to the family !!