Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer in our garden - Vol VI

My favourites among bushes are the ones who bloom for a long time or even twice during the year. This entry is dedicated to some of those shrubs in my garden.

Photo: Spiraea japonica "Froebelii" is one of the many spiraea shrubs I have in my garden. I like the colour of its blossoms - they create a nice pink spot in my front-yard during the summer. If you cut the wizened infloresences, it blooms for at least 2 months (July, August).

Photo: In Estonia, this bush is called "Snowball" (and it seems to have the same English name -Viburnum opulus "Roseum"), but its official Latin name is Viburnum opulus "Roseum". It blooms in the end of May and looks very nice then - however, many insects like its leaves, so there is no other way than use the insectiside in Spring if you want the bush look nice also during the rest of summer.

Photo: Deutzia scraba "Candidissima"- not very often grown in Estonia because of its scare for cold winters; lets see how it will like the winter on my garden... Anyway, it blossoms during the time (late June) when not many other bushes are blooming in Estonia and therefore, I really wanted it! As it was a very young plant, then this year, it had only a few blossoms, but they were fresh and nice for many weeks.

Photo: The small Meyer lilac "Palibin" (in English called also the dwarf Korean lilac) bloomed second time also in August. A very cute small bush!

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