Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Graduation Day

On Thursday, September 17, the ceremonial commencement was held in our university - to celebrate the 91st birthday of the university as well as hand over the certificates of Doctor's Degree for all those 38 doctors in our university who had defended their work within 1 year. I was one of them :)
So since Thursday, I'm officially doctor with all the proof certificates.
Photo: Our Rector Peep Sürje arriving to the ceremony.

Photo: Rector Peep Sürje is giving me the diploma.

Photo: I'm writing my signature to the university's yearbook.

Photo: Greetings time - Erik hugging me.

Photo: Greetings from my friends Tauno and Kairi.

Photo: Taken after the ceremony in the building where I work (Economics Faculty)

Photo: Taken near my new office.

Photo: My diploma.

Photo: A very small tea-table after the ceremony (I've had all my parties already in summer...)


Eda said...

Sa näed väga kena välja!

Karin said...

Aitäh, Eda! ;)

*m* said...

very nice photos!
and once again, congratulations Karin! you deserve it!
huggies from us all!