Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kert - 13 today

Kert is turning thirteen today - officially a teenager now! :)
It's unbelievable how quickly time flies... I still remember him being a small kid, starting his first year in the kindergarten, then school... and now, he is even not a boy anymore, but a teenager. So I have to prepared for moody days, strange behaving and all other surprises... So far, he has been a wonderful son to me and I hope it will continue this way.
We had his parties already on Monday - the boys party - and yesterday (a bank holiday since it was our Independence Day) - the family party-.
Party for boys
As Kert is a motosport fan then there was no other option than to celebrated his birthday by organizing a Grand Prix competition of go-cart track. He invited 6 boys to compete with him and one hour of boys pleasure started...

Photo: Kert is ready to test his abilities to drive the quickest circle.

Photo: Just before the start of warm-up race

Photo: In the middle of the track

Photo: WINNER - Kert, II place - Rauno, III place - Sebastjan

Photo: Happy winners.
Photo: At home hungry, eating pizza...

Party for the family
As yesterday, it was our Independence Day, and it is a free day from work, then we could have Kert's birthday party on Tuesday starting at 2 p.m. I cooked the whole morning... We had 13 people all together as our families are growing - besides my and Erik's parents, my brother with Taimi and Lisanne came and Erik's sister with Martin, Emily and Anna came. It was a nice cosy family party!
Photo: flowers for Kert from his grandparents
Photo: All the family members around the table. Only my brother and Lisanne and Erik are missing
Photo: Little Lisanne came to the party, too, and was staying up most of the time
Photo: I and my niece Lisanne

Photo: The flowers and cards Kert received.