Monday, February 16, 2009

Babies in 2008

The year 2008 brought additional family members to many of my friends. I'm very, very happy for all of them! Time flies like a bird and soon, those beautiful babies aren't babies anymore, but cute little girls or boys! :)

February 11 was a very happy day for our neighbours Raimond and Kadri who got two little girls to enrich their love. Laura and Helena have just had their 1st birthday and are absolutely lovely little girls - walking and almost talking :)

This beautiful Spring month brought wonderful news to my Latvian friend Laima - she gave birth to an adorable little girl called Liga.
Photo by Laima

Autumn was important for my friend Robert, because then, he was made as an uncle - his sister gave birth to a precious little baby boy called Boris.

Photo by Robert

October was a happy month for ME - as I became an aunt! :) My brother has a beautiful girl called Lisanne who is now more than 4 months old.
Photo by Taimi
Just 1 day before, my dear Portuguese friend Marta had given birth to her lovely girl Gabriela.
Photo by Marta

Little Sondre, my Norwegian friend's Annette's son, was very eager to come out to this world already in 2008 - instead of planned date in January, he was here already before Christmas 2008:)
Photo by Annette
And the very very last week of December brought joy to my Austrian friend Michaela's family - her cute little baby boy David was born 2 days before 2009 arrived! :)
Photo by Michaela

Congratulations to all parents!