Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas card designs - Vol II

I hope all of my friends have enjoyed the quiet Christmas time... Some of them with a bigger family than the years before (for instance Marta, Annette - congratulations for her newborn son! - , my brother), which has certainly been very special... Now, when Christmas is over and I hope my friends have received the cards I made, I can show some more of them.
The first one is for Erik's sister Helen and her family + to my Finnish friend Minna (I made two similar ones):
This card (with snowflakes and a candle ) had two versions, but I show only one of them here. I gave them to Erik's grandmother and to one of my colleagues (Elviira):
This a bit of a children-card went to my friend Anzelika who has 2 small kids at home:
And this card was for my ex-boss Anu:


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