Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friends - Part I

- A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more -
Lets meet my friends!
You can see some photos from 1999-2002 when I met some of my precious penpals.
Karin, Cynthia, Eda, Annette, Marta, Mari, Brigida and Amy:
THANK YOU FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP! Photo: I and my Norwegian penpal Karin in Tallinn, Estonia, October 2002.
Photo: I, Kert and my Dutch penpal Cynthia in Paide, Estonia, July 2002.
Photo: My best friend Kristi, my Luxemburgish penpal Anouk, my Estonian friend Eda and I in Pärnu, Estonia, May 2002.
Photo: My Norwegian penpal Annette, I, Annette's niece Ingrid in Fagernes, Norway, March 2002.
Photo: I and my Portuguese penpal Marta, Helsinki, Finland, October 2001.

Photo: I and my Finnish pal Mari in Helsinki, Finland. October 2001.
Photo: I, Kert and my Italian penpal Brigida in Saaremaa island, Estonia, July 2000.
Photo: My Scottish penpal Amy and I in Bath, England, March 1999.


Annette said...

So little Ingrid is at that picture.... She turned 6 in February; I bet you remember which day as her birthday is that same day as mine and Kerts. Ingrid will start in 1. class in August and she is already learning letters and numbers. She is really good in easy maths. She is counting the days till she can go to school.

Karin said...

Oh yes, the children do grow so quickly! As the years pass by with the same speed... Ingrid was a little baby when I saw her, and now, she'll soon be a schoolgirl! I hope she'll like it :).