Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In the snow

2012 came together with the snow. It's very special because this winter we have had almost no snow. That's why we have tried to use these snowy days as much as possible and gone out every single morning to sledge. Boys like sledging a lot. We do the same circles as we did with the triplet pram, just now with the sledges. 3 sledges in a row is not that heavy - it's just good physical excercise! Often, Glen and Aune join us, too. Hopefully the snowy weather stays... it's much more beautiful outside this way. Estonians don't like warm and muddy winters!

These 2 photos are taken in the first morning of  January 1. The day was absolutely beautiful! We tried to make Tony to carry the sledges as well, but he didn't like this idea at all!

These photos are taken in the 2nd weekend of January - a beautiful sunny winter day when we went out to sledge with the neighbours:

 We also did some sledge rides from hills:

 This photo is taken another day, when the boys went downhill with their sledges:
 In our garden:

Boys playing with the snow:

Glen made "snow angels" and our boys laughed about it:


Martina said...

Lovely pics Karin! We still have NO snow!! :( And I hate it! Only in the very west of Austria it snowed and there far too much, that the danger of avalanches is quite big! Like you I do not like rainy and muddy and dark winters...I want snow as well!!!

Karin said...

Oh, Martina, I'm sorry you still do not have any snow... I know you like it white, too, so I keep fingers crossed that real winter will soon arrive to Austria as well!