Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Nanny

"What do you need a Nanny for?" asked my mom, when I told her I'm having another Nanny-candidate for interview coming over. Why do I need a Nanny?!???? I got quite irritated by this question. I've stayed at home with my 3 baby-boys for 9,5 months, mostly by my own, from morning till next morning, always trying to have a good mood, patience, and time for everyone; yet there's a limit.

Maybe I WOULD NOT get a Nanny if any of these conditions would be satisfied:

1. My boys would sleep non-stop from evening till morning.

2. I had someone cleaning the house instead of me.

3. I had someone making dinner for other family members.

4. I had someone to fill the refrigerator for me.

5. At least one of boys' grandmothers were retired and could help me baby-sitting on a regular basis (but both work full-time).

6. I had someone else to talk to Kert, after his school day, asking how he is doing, how are his grades and offer help to study together with him (which he likes so much - to discuss things with someone).

7. I had a gardener.

8. I was married to millionaire and I would not have to think where to get enough economical resources to manage with all the costs we have.

9. My boys were never sick and I would not have to carry someone non-stop leaving other 2 on the floor for the whole day.

10. I had no need or interest to meet my friends and I had zero hobbies.

Since none of these conditions are satisfied, then I have no other choice than to get a Nanny. For the start, once a week for a day off for me and as much as needed for my work-staff.

I'm already dreaming of those days off... Does it make me a worse mother?


The only requirement from Kert and Erik for the suitable Nanny was: "She can't be fat" :)


kudumishoolik said...

Ma just mõtlesin sulle - kuidas sa jõuad, kui lapsed haiged on. Ma olen oma ühe haige beebiga hädas, siis sinul on mitte 3 vaid vist 6 korda raskem.
Igatahes loodan, et saate toreda "Nanny".
PS! Ümmargused :) inimesed on tavaliselt heasüdamlikud, ei maksa neid välistada.

Karin said...

Kõige hullem ongi haiguste aeg. Siis annab kõige enam tunda see, et pole vaid 1 pisike laps, vaid 3... Aga meie kaks lapsehoidja-kandidaati, kes siiani käinud, on olnud piitspeenikesed, nagu tellitult, seega ei ole mul isegi praegu valikuvõimalust paksukese ja peenema vahel. :)

*m* said...

to me, it's absolutely clear that you need an extra help.
and you're still super-mother!

Maarja said...

Kas ma võin omad lapsed kaasa võtta, kui sinu juurde lapsehoidjaks tulen? :) ...siis vist on juba mõtekam eralasteaed avada, onju? Me kahekesi oleme kasvatajad, mehed maksavad lasteaia koha eest maksu, mille me siis endale palgaks määrame. Hea idee eksju?

Karin said...

Maarja - ma usun, et Sul oma kolmegagi tööd piisavalt, vaevalt, Sa tahad "töö ajal" veel minu lapsi vahtida! See oleks ju puhta õudne, kui kolmikute ema hakkab teisele kolmikute emale lapsehoidjaks, nagu tal enda lastest veel ei piisaks. :D Aga jah, meie 6 lapse puhul on eralasteaed täitsa õige tegu, ei oleks vaja kusagil reklaamida ja lapsi otsida - lapsed kohe omast käest võtta ja saaks veel ühevanuste rühma avada!

Karin said...

Hi there!

I don't understand why anyone can question that you need a nanny. You go girl!

It makes you all a better mother I think:-)

This weekend my plan is to write you a letter. I have also some gifts for you, I have been collecting things for it but never gotten around to finish it and sendt it off. Hopefully I can so on Monday.

Take care.

Karin said...

Hi, Karin!
I'll be looking forward to your letter! :)
And I have found a lovely nanny to the boys - we all are very happy about it! :)