Monday, May 9, 2011


The weekend was extra-ordinary lovely:
1. On Friday, I went to the big gardening fair "Luige Laat" and couldn't resist of buying a lot of summer flowers (I know, I know - I have to cover them for the nights, because it can be freezing...). I planted them to summer-pots and the garden suddenly looks so colourful! Just amazing - I can enjoy Spring and Summer again (it feel especially wonderful this year - because last year, I couldn't do that because of my heavy pregnancy).

2. On Saturday afternoon, Erik made sauna and we went outside to sit, on our small terrace of the garden-house (the photo above). The sun was setting, it was quiet and you could feel how Summer is going to be soon here... no words were needed, it was so romantic. :)
3. Both on Saturday and Sunday, the weather was beautiful. After quite cold days earlier this week - it finally got warm and sunny again and I could even take some sun (although just for 20 minutes!) to get a bit of tan, and I and the boys spent lovely time outside on a blanket. The boys explored the grass and Fred found out that it's much better to crawl on the grass than somewhere else.
4. Sunday morning, I was woken up with beautiful anemones which Erik went to pick up early in the morning from the local forest. It was Mother's Day. And I'm a mother of 4... I also got a rose "Lavender Dream" (see photo below), I'll be excited to see its first blossoms.
5. Today morning continued to be good - the boys didn't wake up before Kert's alarm clock rang at 7 a.m.! I think it has never happened before!

Yes, it was an extra-ordinary good weekend! I wish there were many like that...

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