Thursday, November 4, 2010

3 months old

Our boys turned 3 months old today. It's amazing that they've been in our family already for 3 long months! It has been a very busy period, yet those 3 boys have brought so much joy to our lives, that one cannot express it with words. We cannot imagine life without them anymore!
Yesterday, we visited our doctor, and the results of the boys' growth were the following:
Ralf and Fred - 4.9 kilos and 55 cm
Sten - 4.6 kilos and 55 cm
The doctor was very happy with those measurements and thinks they've gained weight really well.
By now, we can also see their development. Due to their prematurity, the first months were just for eating and sleeping. Now, they start to play and - I've seen their first smiles, too! I was so very happy when Ralf smiled to me for the first time! It was like the best award a mother can get from her child. I had a smile on my face the whole time after that and couldn't wait until Erik and Kert come home to tell about Ralf's development. Yesterday, also Fred has started to smile and slowly, Sten, too. It's even more enjoyable to take care for them, when they interact with me and know, that I'm their mom! :)


hipigrrrl said...

Palju õnne! See aeg on tõesti armas, kui nad juba "suhtlema" hakkavad:)

Karin said...

Aitäh, Eda, õnnesoovide eest! Nüüd on jah kohe rohkem energiat ja rõõmu, kui nad minuga suhtlevad! :)

Sirje said...

Palju-palju õnne:) Uh, kui vahvad ilmed - kohe sellised paljuütlevad ja asjalikud! Jõudu sulle ja teistele pereliikmetele ka! Nüüd aina toredamaks ja tegusamaks läheb:D
Hm, aga kuidas neil küll vahet tee, nii ühte nägu nad...

Karin said...

Aitäh, Sirje!
Poisid kasvavad ikka kiiresti küll ja tore on nende arengut näha... Alguses olid nad väga ühte nägu, aga nüüd on tegelikult kõik nii erinevad, et enam ei aja neid keegi, kes tihti neid näeb, sassi. Mina ise pole neid kunagi ära vahetanud! Erik küll! ;)