Sunday, September 12, 2010

Out for a walk

Our doctor in the hospital allowed us to go out with the boys already during the first days when we arrived at home. So we did! And the boys love it outside - they sleep so well and afterwards, have a good appetite.
Every day, from 2-3 p.m. we are walking outside, around our village, with neighbour-Aune and neighbour-Glen. It's a shame we can't walk longer because of the long eating rounds, but hopefully soon, the boys eat quicker and we get more time to be outside.
We are having a triplets' pram which is HUGE, but I'm already used to it and can navigate with it really well. It has been the best thing to buy it - I cannot imagine life without the pram anymore - it's good to get outside of the garden sometimes and take a walk, even when it's only around our village!

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*m* said...

that tram is unbelievable!
gift on the way;)

lots of love from us