Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big Brother

Kert is now a Big Brother. I think it's a very big change in a 14-year-old boy's life, who has been an only child so far. But I must say he has enjoyed taking care for his little 3 brothers very much - he is our biggest help during the evening feeding times. His "friend" is Ralf - he's already an expert feeding him! :) Ralf is also the name which was picked by Kert, so everything turned out just as it should be. Kert always asks if I need any help with the babies. Well, I ALWAYS need help... but I try not to occupy Kert too much as I'm afraid he'd get bored if he has to do TOO much. And even right now, he does a lot - we are happy to have such a good big brother for the triplets!


Martinas Welt said...

What a lovely pic Karin! And Kert is suerly a darling brother!!
My niece got a little girl last week (her second baby and girl #2) The baby's name is Elena and we visited her yesterday...just thought of you and told Ingrid, my niece, just to think of having three of little Elena ;)

Anonymous said...

Totally loving it!!

*m* said...

i'm sure he is in love with the babies as much as you are.
the photos are adorable.
Kert is the best big brother they could have asked for;)

lots of love