Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meet our triplets!

Our three baby-boys have come into this world in August 4, 2010.
Time to meet them! :)
1. RALF - born 12.41 in August 4; 1818 gramms; 45 cm
2. FRED - born 12.42 in August 4, 1814 gramms, 45 cm
3. STEN - born 12.43 in August 4, 1550 gramms, 40 cm
I managed to carry them until the 32nd week of pregnancy was over. It is a good result for the triplets, but of course they are pre-mature babies and we need to recover and gain weight in the hospital right now. I cannot stop looking at them... like miracles! :)

Photo: Erik and I during Midsummer, I'm 26 weeks pregnant

Photo: I on the 28th week of pregnancy in July 4

Photo: I on my 32nd week of pregnancy - just 4 days before the triplets were born


Carola said...

Congats again! They are soooo beautiful! Hope you can take them home soon!

Karin said...

Thank you, Carola! :)

hipigrrrl said...

Õnnitlused veelkord! Nii armsakesed ja nimed on ka väga-väga vahvad:))) See ongi elu IME, eks? :D

Ande said...

No küll on armsad ja uskumatu, kui super Sa veel mõned päevad enne nende sündi välja nägid! Sa oled ikka väga-väga tubli ja ma arvan, et just erilistele inimestele on ette nähtud selline ime nagu kolmikud - palju, palju õnne veelkord! Nimed valisite tõeti vahvad ja loodan, et saate peagi juba koju!

Karin said...

Aitäh, Ande ja Eda! Tunnistan, et ega see rasedus kerge polnud... Aga nüüd on see raskus unustatud, sest poisid on tõeline kingitus ja selle nimel tasus pingutada!

*m* said...
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*m* said...

you know i was here keeping my fingers crossed for the 4 of you, you included of course, a super-mom since pregnancy and I'm sure, throughout their lives!

I wish them the best this world has to offer... and yes, miracle is the right word!
for me, babies are loved transformed into human beings and that is the most amazing thing in life.
to see my love for Mané personalized into the cutest little girl running around our house is pure magic and total happiness.
no need to ask for more.

stay in touch and give a cute little hug to each one of those precious and adorable little boys!

lots of love,
Marta, Mané and Gabriela

Martinas Welt said...

You looked just beautiful pregnant, Karin! Love the photos!
Your little prices look awsome!! All the best for them!

Lučka said...

Congratulations, late, but still... I found your blog when searching the web about triplets. I am a triplets' mom too, I have three girls, born 5th July 2012. It's nice to meet other moms with triplets! :) I like your boys, they're so cute (also on the newest photos on your blog).
I live in Slovenia, quite far away from you, but maybe one day we'll meet ;)