Saturday, April 10, 2010

Longing for Spring...

Finally, snow has melted away here... Soon, we'll see some colours in the nature; I think everyone is waiting for it after such a long and snowy winter. Unfortunately it still takes time before the spring flowers will be blooming in my garden. I can already see the leaves of crocuses and the tips of narcissus, tulips and hyacints coming out from the ground. It may take another week for the crocuses to bloom, and maybe 2-3 weeks before I see the tulips... During Easter, I just couldn't resist and bought myself a bunch of yellow tulips from the shop - since I wasn't able to pick them from my own garden to decorate my dining table. They still look nice, by the way!
And, meanwhile, we are having new neighbours in our garden! :) Yes, Erik has built two birds' nest boxes and placed them to our house, and both were occupied quite quickly by the starlings. It's so cute to see them making their home cosier!
Unfortunately the stork's nest, which the farmhouse next to us had, was destroyed by the snow, but the storks are back here and probably try to build a new nest for them. And we are still hoping to get one hatch of swallows in our garden, too, but this will be later in Spring.

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