Friday, December 11, 2009

My very first photo award

PHOTO: "Longing" - photo by Karin. Special prize in "Estonian Nature Photo" Contest 2009.
On Thursday, I had a very special moment in my life - I went to Tartu town to the official ceremony of "Estonian Nature Photo" Contest 2009 to get my very first award in photographing! My fox photo had won a special prize in this 2nd largest nature photo competition! I was so surprised by it and of course, also very, very happy. I have never won anything before and sure it's not that easy to win in big competitions where thousands of photos have been sent and many of them, taken by the professional photographers. So it was absolutely wonderful to get the award among all those professional photographers and once, in my life, feel that I had made a photo which makes a difference!
The photo won the prize because it has a new perceptive - tells a story much better without showing the fox' babies face. Another photographer in the Nature photographer's Society told what emotions he felt while looking at my photo:
"This fox baby is either longing for her mom, dreaming about a chance to go over the gulf to take a trip to Sweden, takes sun from the warmth of the stone or misses her brothers and sisters who might have been killed under the wheels of vechiles"
You can read some more evaluations in the Looduspilt webpage where the photo has been up for a while, too -
Some photos of the final award ceremony:

Photo by Meelis Kalev

In the same contest, Erik's moose photo was awarded with the special prize of Estonian Hunters. Congratulations to him, too, as this is also his first award. :)
PHOTO: "Are we going to buck with our horns?" - photo by Erik, Special Price of "Estonian Hunter", Estonian Nature Photo Contest 2009


Eda said...

Palju õnne teile mõlemile! Rebasepoja pilt on tõesti väga-väga armas ja tekitab emotsioone:) Eriku põdrapilt on ka väga hästi õnnestunud:)

Karin said...

Aitäh, Eda!:)

Martina said... both did amazing photos!! Congrats!!!!
It was also snowing this weekend here and now it is cold, so the snow should stay...hopefully still next week as well!