Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas celebrations

For this year, Christmas is over again. All greetings and presents have been exchanged, all Christmas food is eaten and lots of time spent with the family.
Here are some photos of the celebrations.

Christmas with friends:

Photo: Each Christmas, we gather to Pille's place. This time, it was 19th of December

Christmas with my family

Photo: Celebrations with my brother's family and my mom

Photo: I and my niece Lisanne (1 year and 2 months old)

Photo: Lisanne is a cheerful girl!

Photo: Lisanne making her dancing moves...

Christmas with Erik's family

Photo: Our Christmas Eve dinner table

Photo: The Christmas tree

Photo: Erik's nieces Anna and Emily (3 years old)

Photo: Our family picture at Christmas + Erik's niece Anna

Photo: Time to exchange presents!

Photo: The end of the party - all tired and comfortably resting on the couch - I, Martin, Erik and Helen

Photo: The family photo on Christmas Eve