Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spring in our garden - Vol III

Spring has gotten warmer and warmer and all the plants in our garden are now covered with leaves (except hydrangeas which are knows as late leafers). Many of my plants have already blossomed or doing it right now or will do it very soon... Spring is so lovely - day by day, it surprises you with so many different colours.

Lilacs are one of my favourite bushes. These are probably the first bushes I ever remember from my childhood, because we had a lilac with lilac blossoms growing next to our fence in Muhu (and it's actually still there, I have no idea how old this bush is already...). In my garden, I have 6 lilac bushes all together, but most of them are still young (3 of them I got a couple of weeks ago from my friend Kristi's mom) - so therefore, I can show only the blossoms of two of the bushes - the lilac one with white edges is called "Sensation" and I have no idea what is the name of the white one since it was here before I moved in, and no records remained.

Bleeding heart is a flower which I, again, remember from my childhood. Our bleeding heart in Muhu is still in her best shape, it has been flowering each May for decades, and it's HUGE. My pink bleeding heart (a very common flower in the gardens of Estonian countryside) is only 2 years old, but she is already a very nice flower. I do have 2 others - a white one and a "beautiful" bleeding heart (Kaunis murtudsüda), with Latin name 'Decentra Formosa'. Dicentra spectabilis (Harilik murtudsüda)
Dicentra spectabilis "Alba" (Harilik murtudsüda "Alba")
Dicentra formosa (Kaunis murtudsüda)

The blossoms of double flowering almond tree 'Prunus triloba' are just wonderful... It's one of the most amazing bloomers in early Spring in Estonia - the wonderful romantic pink blossoms come before the leaves and you just cannot stop admireing the little tree. Unfortunately the tree is growing in Estonia in its very north line, so it is not tolerating our cold winters (especially without snow) and has to be covered if one wants to see the blossoms in spring. So it's a lot of work with this bush, but to see its blossoms, it's totally worth it.
My collection of primroses has grown up to 8 spieces, three of them which I got from my friend Kristi's mom. They are all in different colours - red, lilac and yellow. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find out their species, yet; but additionally, I bought 2 more from a garden fair - Primula Farinosa and Primula Rosa.

I've already presented some early bloomers-tulips; but later ones were still on good shape just a few days ago - a yellow one, a nice white one with red and green stripes and several yellow tulips.


Meadowsweet "Grefsheim" (Tuhkurenelas)
Snowball-tree "Aureum" (Villane lodjapuu)
Gypsophila (Kipslill)
The Dill Daisie (Hõbekakar) The blossom of June berry (Lamarck) (Lamarki toompihlakas)
Thunberg burberry "Harlequim" (Thunbergi kukerpuu)


Anonymous said...

These pictures made me even SMELL the flowers.. how much I miss having seasons around, even if the smell of the salty caribean ocean doesn't smell too bad either.

And good luck on the defence of your thesis, even if I am pretty convinced you won't need any extra luck! You'll rock anyway!

Karin said...

Thanks, Joke! It's really nice to have 4 seasons in Estonia, if the Autumn was a bit shorter with its dark and rainy and grey days..., and Spring a bit longer with its wonderful smells and new colours!