Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring in our garden - Vol II

This week has brought the first bloomers among bushes in my garden. Spring has been cold and most of the bushes are without leaves, yet, but the Forsythia and Japanese alpine cherry tree (in Estonian "kuriili kirsipuu") show their lovely spring-robe: one is all yellow, another all white. Photo: Forsythia x intermedia (värdforsüütika) - I have had this bush for 5 years already (however, 2 years ago, Tony ate almost the whole bush), but only this year it shows blossoms in every spray. I can see it from my kitchen window and it lightens up all the mornings! :)Photo: Japanese Alpine Cherry (Prunus nipponica var kurilensis, kuriili kirsipuu) called "RUBY" is a new plant in my garden, but is already blooming very nicely. It starts to bloom much earlier than the normal cherry trees, so it gives a special white spot in the garden either late April or early May (in Estonia).

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Birgit said...

Hello Karin,
how are you doing? What a beautiful blog you have got! Love the photos and all the stories behind! Unfortunately my blog is sleeping right now! ;-)
Also wanted to ask you if you have received my BD-mail??
Have a nice weekend! Miss you!