Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend in Muhu island

Last weekend, we spent in Muhu. I had promised to my father to help him with some renovation work in our old farm house. It took the whole Saturday, but on Sunday, we could all enjoy the beautiful Spring weather and took long walks in the nature to find my favourite Spring flowers - hepaticas. We had success :) Since Muhu has milder climate than most of Estonia, then I don't think the hepaticas are blooming in other parts of our country, yet. But I'm having them on my kitchen table now! :)
Photo: Blue hepatica
Photo: Pink hepatica - my special favourite...
Photo: Many snowdrops were blooming in our garden
Photo: Many snowflakes were enjoying the sun, too.
Photo: And little snowroses...
Photo: Our old sauna, some old stuff + still some snow left.

Photo: My little summer cottage has gotten new cover and orange colour - which is the colour of Muhu.