Sunday, January 25, 2009

Skiing weekend

Snow has finally arrived to Estonia for a longer period and anyone, who is fond of skiing, has been able to find a suitable moment to go to the forest. I've always liked skiing. When I was small, I used to go to skiing competitions with my father and my brother. Some years, I've been out skiing more often than in other winters - depending on the snow conditions, of course. For instance, last winter, I was able to go to ski only once!

This weekend we had also the FIS World Cup of Cross Country Skiing in Estonia - in Otepää (south part of Estonia). We didn't travel to Otepää to watch the competitions (but TV was our friend during that time:)). Unfortunately Estonian skiers didn't succeed this year, but many Finnish skiers were really good - and it's almost like our own skiers as Finns are our neighbours.

As the days are so winterly nice, I went to ski twice during the weekend - on Saturday, together with Aune (our neighbour) and on Sunday, with Erik. We have a sports park very close to our home - in Keila - and it has very good skiing tracks. It's such a pleasure to be out in the forest, enjoy the beauty of it and on the same time, breath fresh air and do some activity!

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