Monday, December 1, 2008

Soon ready!

Since some time, Erik has been renovating our shower room and sauna. It's the main project in our house this year. Erik has been doing everything on his own (he doesn't trust anyone else:)) - starting with founding the floors and installing the ceramic plates ending with all finishing staff. My only duty has been a few calculations and choosing some of the colours and materials... Our budget is quite small, so when thinking how little we could spend on it, I think the result is very nice. The shower room is now ready, we are only waiting a glass between the washing machine and shower to arrive, and we haven't bought the shelves, yet.
Photo: Before and after: I decided to pick up the green colour for the shower room... I'm not that big fan of green actually, but since our walls in the hall are of the same colour, I thought it will match well. And I liked those ceramic plates with small modest flowers a lot.

The renovating process

At first, Erik took everything out and made the new basic wall:

Later he installed the ceramic plates to the wall:

He also founded the floor with right tilts:
And installed mosaic floor:
And it was time to buy the water mixer and shower, too:
So the difference is like that:
Erik started to renovate sauna just a few days ago. So far, he has made the wall of natural mosaic stones and also the rigs for the curved ceiling. Now, he's installing wooden planks to the wall. Then, it's time to do the same with the ceiling, then the bathhouse platform... We need to buy a new heater as well. But we hope to have our first sauna steam for the New Year :)
Photo: The walls with mosaic stones.
Photo: The metal rigs for the curved ceiling.

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