Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas card designs - Vol I

Each year, I've made my own Christmas cards - at least some of them. I thought that this year, I won't have time for it. But one evening, together with my neighbour Aune, we gathered together and started to make cards - just for fun. I was happy she had this idea, because I continued with it also next evening/night, and made quite a lot of cards :)
I will show 4 cards here since I know that all of them have already reached their destination and I won't ruin anyone's surprise.
The first card is the dearest because it was the most time-consuming card. It has the silver ribbon for the tree and it took some time to glue it, but the most work went to make the small gifts + the star (actually Aune made the star, also from the ribbon + silver glitter glue). This card stayed in my family - it means I sent it to my brother and his family.

The second card was also time-consuming. The bows were not very easy to do. But I was happy with the result :). This card's owner is now my best friend Kristi.

Two angel-cards are for Eda and for Marju.


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