Saturday, October 11, 2008

My little niece :)

My little niece was born in October 08, 2008.
I'm an happy aunt now :).
Today, we went to visit her for the first time. She has been sleeping all days long, but today, when we visited her, she was awake the whole time, we could see her looking at us and I could even hold her. She's such a lovely skinny tall girl - will be either a high jumper or a model :).
So far, the name of the newborn remains unknown.

Photo: Kert, I and Erik visiting my niece in the hospital, she's 3 days old.

Photo: A card I made for her - as she's born in October, I thought a pumpkin girl suits well :).

Photo: Some of the clothes I gave to her. Among them, there's a pink flowered blanket which is a gift of my American penpal Cindy to my niece. Everyone thanks her for this lovely soft warm blanket :).


hipigrrrl said...

Palju õnne värskele tädile ja loomulikult värsketele lapsevanematele! Väga armas pisike tüdruk (aga jalgade pikkuse järgi otsustades on tegemist tõesti tulevase modelliga:))!

Karin said...

Aitäh, Eda :)

Karin said...

How cute:-) It must be wonderful to have a little niece or nephew!!!