Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Malta is waiting :)

By the end of this week, I and my friends will be in Malta. I'm really looking forward to this holiday trip, because the summer was cool and rainy here, and I'd be so glad to go to some warm places where I can take sun, swim in the sea and enjoy the free days!
Even when Malta is as small as my home island Muhu, it will be such a different experience... Malta has a long history, loads of historical sights, and a beautiful seaside. Right now, I know it only from pictures, but soon, it all will be a reality :).

It will be a special trip also because I'll meet my Maltese penpal Pauline for the first time. We have been good penpals for years and both are very excited to see each other.

So, Malta, here we come!!!

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*m* said...

have a great trip!!!