Sunday, April 13, 2008

You know you are from Estonia when...

You know you are from Estonian when...
1. You use the word ‘normal’ if something is ok.
2. When visiting friends abroad you bring along a box of Kalev chocolate.
3. You attended a song festival at least once either as a performer or as a spectator.
4. You know that going to the sauna is 80% about networking and 20% about washing.
5. You are nationalistic about Skype (it is actually an Estonian company)
6. ‘Kohuke’ belongs to your menu
7. You declare your taxes on the internet like all modern people
8. You actually believed for a while that Latvians had 6 toes per foot when you heard that as a child
9. You are convinced that Estonia is very strategically located
10. You spent at least one midsummer in Saaremaa, Hiiumaa or one of the smaller islands
11. You can quote films like "Viimne reliikvia" and "Siin me oleme"
12. You spit three times around your left shoulder for good luck
13. Words like "veoauto", "täieõiguslik" or "jää-äär" sound perfectly pronouncable to you
14. You are disappointed that Jaan Kross never got the Nobel prize in literature
15. You have been to Finland
16. You say 'Noh' (sounds like NO) even when you speak English, just to confuse people
17. You know the lyrics to "Mutionu" and "Rongisõit"
18. You would never mistaken Kreisiraadio for a radio station
19. You would agree that wife-carrying is a real sport (at least as long as Estonians are winning)20. Your best friend's girlfriend is your English teacher's daughter and they live next door to your grandparents, who were colleagues with your advisor, who is friends with your...
21. You check the thermometer before going out
22. When someone asks you "where is Estonia?" you quickly reply that it's located in Northern Europe close to Finland...
23. Sour cream tastes good with everything
24. A foreigner speaks to you in broken horrible Estonian and you go on and on about how wonderful their Estonian is compared to "the Russians'"
25. You have ever worn or seen anyone wear "karupüksid"
26. You have heard the phrase "Estonians are slow" at least once
27. Kui sa saad aru, mis siia kirjutatud on
28. You find yourself continually ignoring the gender in other languages
29. When someone says "Estonians are so beautiful" you answer almost without emotions "I know"
30. You don't think that terviSEKS is a funny word
31. You think that the combination blue-black-white is cheerful
32. Everyone in your family has pictures from funerals
33. You are so proud of every Estonian that you correct foreigners who say that the population is 1 million, not 1.3 million as it actually is.


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we met in 2001 too:)
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