Sunday, April 27, 2008

Karin is a year older again...

-Getting older isn't
a bad thing at all
If you see it as another year
we've been friends-
(from Minna's birthday card)

It's strange how quickly years pass by, and how often I get a chance to celebrate my birthday :). I'm not going to talk about my age, as it's not imporant anymore, when you're over teenagers' years (in our age, it's much more popular to say: I'm always staying young in my heart:)); but I want to share the impressions of my birthday party organized for friends.
This year, I had a very special birthday, as besides all my good friends from universty years, I also had 3 penpals present in my party: my dear penpal (and friend) Eda with her family, my dear penpal Piret with her daughter and... my dear Finnish penpal Minna with her husband Tomi! It's the first year I'm having an international birthday party, where people used 3 different languages to communicate with each other; and I think it was fun.
THANK YOU ALL* coming and sharing my confused feelings of getting one year older again...

*ALL means: Erik, Kert, Kristi, Pille, Avo, Marit, Tanel I, Kairi, Tauno, Tanel II, Eda, Andres, Märt, Elika, Piret, Maris, Minna, Tomi
**And hopefully others, who weren't able to come this year, will do it next year...
*** And thank you for everyone who remembered my birthday one way or another (greetings cards, SMS, phone calls, presents...)
My birthday cake - made by Erik. It's probably quite clear what is says: "Happy Birthday Karin".
My guests this year - Front: Piret, Maris, Kairi&Tanel, Pille&Tanel, Kristi, Elika and Kert
Back: Tomi, Märt, Minna, Andres, Tauno, Eda, Avo&Marit, Erik, Karin.
My flowers and the birthday cards...
I'm with my cards and flowers on my birthday morning

My Finnish friends and I on my party
Eda and I
Marit,Tanel, Pille, Kristi, Kairi and Elika
My friends from university times: Kristi, I, Kairi and Elika
Tanel wants to become a photographer in the future...
Tauno, Tanel in front; I, Eda, Minna and Tomi having conversation in the middle, and Pille, Kristi and Avo talking to each in the back.
Half of me, Tanel, Minna, Tomi, Maris and PiretHalf of Maris, Piret, Tanel, Kristi, Kairi and ElikaMen (Avo, Andres and Erik) talking about fishing, hunting and photo-hunting...


*m* said...

oh!! i just saw the paiting i offered you as my wedding souvenir on the last photo, right next to the door! that's lovely!
huggies and happy birthday again

Karin said...

Yes :). It's yours!!!! So a part of you is shown at my home :)

Thank you,